My name is Kalun Leung (pronounced Kaelin, Chinese Name: 梁家綸) and I am a Hong Kong Canadian trombonist, mubonist, and sound artist working between New York and Montréal. The mubone is an electronically augmented trombone that Travis West and I created and is featured in much of my recent work.

As a trombonist, I perform with ensembles and collectives in a wide range of musical genres and artistic approaches, such as with groups who specialize in the folkloric dance based music of the Balkans and South America, electroacoustic improvisation with dancers and invented instruments, and concert installations with biosensors and landfills. As a sound artist, I am particularly drawn to the trombone's potential as a platform for experimentation; it's telescopic design makes it one of the few instruments that changes shape as it's played, and when electronically augmented or prepared with mutes or other devices, the trombone can be transformed into a gestural controller, feedback chamber, or prop. 

Exploring new directions and creative outlets for the trombone is an ever evolving part of my artistic practice. It is both my instrument and a lens that enables me to navigate through sound and space, and through histories and stories. 

Thank you for your interest in my work! I invite you to read my biography, learn about the mubone, or to get in touch, I'd love to hear from you.


Here are some projects that I'm especially excited about. They are all works-in-progress and I imagine will be artistically realized over multiple iterations. Please visit Projects to see my full works list.

Goethe-Institute Hong Kong (2023)

Baker-Trombonist Felix del Tredici and I explore the surprising intersection of baking and sound resulting in an exhibition and performance with live sourdough instruments and sound art. 

Saint Laurent (2022)

What is our sonic relationship to our built environments? This project invites us to listen to the structures we habitate through improvisations that coalesce vernacular and processed sounds.


Live@CIRMMT (2023)

First non-solo project with mubone orientation devices. 42 channel spatialization of Hong Kong field recordings controlled by mubone and dancer. Created in collaboration with dancer-choreographer Bettina Szabo and interaction designer Travis West.

Journée de la famille, Orford, QC (2021)

Mime and sound storytelling in collaboration with trumpet player Émilie Fortin as ensemble ékmailluine.

Learn more at www.ekek.ca.

the mubone

The mubone is an experimental class of trombones that has embedded technologies such as an orientation sensor (like the one used in smartphones). Musical instruments with sensors are commonly referred to as augmented instruments. When programmed to audio or visual processing software, augmented instruments have the potential for extending the creative range of the instrumentalists in ways we believe may offer a lifetime of exploration. Travis West and I have been researching, developing, and creating with the mubone since 2018.

Visit the mubone project page for more information.

mubone orientation tracking

mubone controlling software