Projects listed here are ones where I am the lead artist, composer, or bandleader. Other projects where I have contributed to can be found in Collaborations.

Baker's Lung (2023)

Kalun Leung - Creator, Performer-Composer, Installation
Felix del Tredici - Creator, Baker
Project 21st - Producer

Commissioned by Project 21st with support from HKSAR Government Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme.

Past Performances:
Goethe Institute, Hong Kong (2023)

mubone (2018 - )

Kalun Leung - Performer,  Instrument Developer
Travis West - Instrument Designer

New Interfaces for Musical Expression (2022)
International Conference on Movement and Computing (2019) 

Past Performances:
CIRMMT, Montreal, QC (2023)
The Vino Theatre, Brooklyn, NY (2022)
IRCAM ManiFeste, Paris, FR (2022)
IRCAM Forum, Paris, FR (2022)
Record Shop,  Brooklyn, NY (2022)
Le Vivier, Montreal, QC (2021)
Glass Box Theatre, New York, NY (2021)
Montclair, NJ (2019)
Spectrum, Brooklyn, NY (2019)
New York University (2019)
New York Electroacoustic Improv Summit (2019)
The Stone, New York, NY (2019)

Garcia (2021)

Kalun Leung - Performer, Sound Design
Bettina Szabo - Choreographer

Past Performances:
Live@CIRMMT, Montreal, Quebec (2023)
IRCAM Forum, Paris, France (2022)
Txaranga Bakalari, Montreal, Quebec (2021)
Glass Box Theatre, New York, NY (2021)

Splunger (Speaker-Plunger Device) (2019 - )

Kalun Leung - Performer, Instrument Developer
Frank Spigner - Instrument Designer, Fabrication

Past Performances:
IBeam, Brooklyn, NY (2020)
Harvestworks Artist-in-Residence (2019)

Die Posaune (2018)

Kalun Leung - Performer, Fabrication
Felix del Tredici - Performer, Concept

Past Performances:
International Trombone Festival, Muncie, IN (2019)
New York University, NY (2019)
Arete, Brooklyn, NY (2019)
Glass Box Theatre, New York, NY (2018)

Movement Etudes for Improvisors (2019)

Kalun Leung - Composer
Augmented woodwind ensemble, mubone adapted for clarinet

Commissioned by the New York University New Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Esther Lamneck.

Past Performances:
Frederick Loewe Theatre, NY (2019)

Conductive Dinner (2019)

Kalun Leung - Installation Design, Fabrication

Interactive Sound Installation for Prepared Speaker Woofers

Commissioned by Seed Artists for the Freedom of Sound: Percussion Festival

Past Performances:
Freedom of Sound: Percussion Festival, Montclair, NJ (2019)

Conversations with Space and Architecture (2021 - )


Kalun Leung - Concept and Realization

Past Performances:
Video Recordings

Solo mubone (2019)

Solo mubone prototype improvisation

Kalun Leung - Performance

Past Performances:
CUNY City Tech, Brooklyn, NY, USA (2019)

Picnic Electronic (2019)

Solo trombone, mubone, battery-powered electronics, objects

Kalun Leung - Performer-Composer

Past Performances:
Spectrum Westbeth, Manhattan, NY, USA (2019)

Echo Ensemble (2019 - 2020)

Movement and Sound Improvised Duet

Jonah Udall -  direction
Kalun Leung (trombone), Liana Kleinman (movement) - performers

Past Performances:
Dixon Place, Manhattan, NY, USA (2019)

BF+DA Interactive Cocoon (2018)

Interactive Wearable Garment for Performance Artist

Kalun Leung - concept & realization
Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator -  fabrication
Rae Haas - performer

Past Performances:
Glass Box Theatre The New School, Manhattan, NY, USA (2018)

Sound the Mound (2018)

Freshkills Site-Specific Improvisation

Kalun Leung - performer

The Digital Harings (2017)

Solo trombone, electronics, Casiotone, Keith Haring digital sketches

Kalun Leung - Performer-Composer

Past Performances:
Lincoln Center, Manhattan, NY, USA (2017)

Twisted Twister (2017)

Game for Audience and Improvisors

Kalun Leung - Composer

Past Performances:
Glass Box Theatre, Manhattan, NY, USA (2017)

Siri Breakup (2017)

Siri Breakup (Jane Ira Bloom's Improvisitory Artist Lab)

Kalun Leung - Performer-Composer
Jacqueline Reed - Performer

Past Performances:
Stiefel Hall, Manhattan, NY, USA (2017)

The New Masculinity (2017)

The New Masculinity (2017)

Kalun Leung - Composer
So Wrong It's Right (Trombone Quartet)  - Performers

Trubači McGill (2015)

Brass band music from the Balkans.

Kalun Leung - Bandleader
Trubaci McGill  - Performers

Past Performances:
Segal Center, Montreal, CA (2015)

Montreal Salsa Collective (2015)

Classic salsa tunes. 

Kalun Leung - Bandleader
Montreal Salsa Collective  - Performers

Past Performances:
Place d'Armes, Montreal, CA (2016)