Women's Day Tromboning

For International Women’s Day, So Wrong It's Right wanted to make some serious noise for female artists from medieval and pre-medieval times. We broke ground at National Sawdust musing on three remarkable women who formed a deep bedrock of source material for our recording session that evening. For each woman, we dedicated a station that showcased their work, a quasi-installation which dotted the room and formed a route for our exploration. The evening began with a feminist found object jam, a playground of private items from our loved one’s arsenals.

At the first station, we paid tribute to Comtessa de Dia (1175 A.D.) who wrote the earliest surviving work by a trobairitz (female troubadour). Following this, we interpreted three poems by the Greek poet Sappho (630 B.C.) from the island of Lesbos. The third station focused on a beautifully preserved kufic script by the Islamic calligraphist Fadhl Mawlat Abi Ayyub (~907 A.D.)