Artists 藝術家

Felix Del Tredici 費利克斯 (Canada 加拿大) | Kalun Leung 梁家綸 (Canada 加拿大)

a performance-based exhibition about bread making, with live music performances by Canadian professional baker and brass performers Felix Del Tredici and Kalun Leung


Baker’s Lung, the second event of the #musicismore series combines professional baking experience and music practice. Both music and food are communal experiences that connect us as human beings, “Baker’s Lung” aims to amplify this connection and explore the relationships between sound and the making of bread.

Inspired by Felix Del Tredici, a Canadian brass performer and professional baker for one of Montréal’s most popular artisanal bakeries. Baker’s Lung offers a glimpse into a baker’s life and work environment that the public rarely experiences, a sonic playground that invites introspection about the relationship between trombones and sourdough, acoustics and ingredients, and our lungs and flour. 

This interactive art exhibit features newly created sound sculptures, musical instruments, media art, and live performances. Together with multifaceted performing artist Kalun Leung, “Baker’s Lung” takes you on a sensual and thought-provoking journey where you can experience music with your hands, eyes, and nose.

#點只音樂 節目第二砲《肺怎忘餐》互動藝術展覽是一個結合專業烘焙經驗和音樂的新作。由專業麵包師暨長號演奏家費利克斯(Felix Del Tredici)及聲音藝術家暨長號演奏家梁家綸創作,探索麵包製作與聲音之間的微妙關係。

費利克斯現為加拿大蒙特利爾其中一間最受歡迎的手工麵包店的全職烘焙師,作品受到他日常在麵包店艱辛的工作,以及他作為專業低音長號演奏家及音樂藝術家的背景啟發,透過《肺怎忘餐》探索麵包製作與長號音樂藝術形式之間的關係。把展覽場地化身成一所聲音遊樂場,窺探平時鮮為人知的烘焙生活及工作環境,並以獨特的即興表演及裝置藝術形式帶來獨一無二的音樂 x 烘焙體驗。


Archival text from Project 21st

Watch the Mini-Documentary

Baker's Lung - The Making Of by documentarian-filmaker Anson Sham

Performance and Exhibition Documentation

Photos by Maxmillian Cheng, Ballade Ho 

Process Documentation

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