Movement Etudes for Improvisors

Augmented woodwind ensemble, mubone adapted for clarinet

Commissioned by the New York University New Music Ensemble under the direction of Dr. Esther Lamneck.

Premiere: May 12, 2019 @ Frederick Loewe Theatre @ NYU, Manhattan, NY, USA

composer Kalun Leung
recording New York University
direction Dr. Esther Lamneck
performers NYU New Music Ensemble

I. Space

II. Event

III. Time

Developed over the course of a semester as composer-in-residence at NYU in Spring of 2019.

The piece is inspired by the four-dimensional continuum that is derived when the three dimensions of space are combined with the one dimension of time, also known as spacetime in Einstein’s theory of relativity. Using accelerometer data gathered from the performer’s movements via body and instrument-mounted controllers, the players can use their gestures to manipulate processed sounds spatially and temporally.

In I. Space, the sounds produced by the instrumentalist are physically geotagged and sonically recorded allowing the player to paint a virtual playground around which they can improvise in. II. Event, forces two performers to work in tandem by separating the duties of sound triggering and sound selection. III. Time, uses granular synthesis techniques to create a constellation of microscopic sounds that the performer can sonically twist and stretch.